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Are Freebies Real? 

Many people think that freebies are some kind of a gimmick designed to fool people.  They can't fathom how a company could offer free stuff on the internet to millions of people. But now think again. What better way to promote your product and get free advertising as well than to give it away for free. And who is going to buy a product with trying it first. Yes, who would spend 60 to 70 dollars on a bottle of perfume without trying it first. That's why duty free perfume companies give away free samples. Duty free is a great idea, who really wants to pay taxes anyway.

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Perfume companies are not the only ones to give a away free stuff. The fashion industry gives out free subscriptions, free hair stuff, vouchers, shoes, and much more. Because of the this many people have caught the fashion bug.  Marks and Spencer's even have a new "Schwop" scheme where you can swap old items of clothing and put them towards new ones - If you become a fan. Yes, the best way to launch a new product is by giving it away for free. The fashion industry knows this and has certainly taken advantage of it.You can even get free lingerie when you sign up for a special promotion for quality lingerie from Victoria's Secret or Fredrick's of Hollywood.

But the fashion industry are not the only ones who do this. The Health industry also gives out free stuff but usually in the form of information.  Free information on skin care and free advice on health care.

The duty free cosmetics industry also gives out tons of free stuff. You can get free samples of moisturizers, face products, make up and hair products.

Why all this free stuff ? Because you can first test the product on the internet to see whether the consumer actually likes the product not. From a company's prospective, this is better and cheaper than launching the product in the market and spending 1000s of dollars in advertising only to watch the product fail.

If the product is of value in the consumers eyes, they will soon get hooked on it and won't mind ordering the product. Thus, this free type of marketing benefits both the consumer and the seller. And in the end the consumer decides if the product will make it to the shelves. This is much like America's Funniest Home Videos where the audience decides which video will win. And who will win the $10,000. 

Liquor stores often make good use of this freebie process to sell new brands of liquor or even to get rid of  dead brands that are just sitting on the shelf. Who of us doesn't line up to get a taste of the latest brand of Vodka or Brandy? In fact, that's where most people first go when they enter the liquor store.  And how many of us have actually bought the liquor after we tasted it?
Quite a few I bet! 

Surveys show that the losses incurred during the free phase are usually recovered when public demand for the product increases and marketing kicks in to bolster the process.  However, a few cautions should be in order. Websites that require you to sign in or register in advance may be just looking for your email as a target for spamming. So try to avoid these kinds of places.


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Fill out the request form to get a free 32 oz. bottle of Marietta MAX Gellification drain cleaner.

Shipping is also free.

This offer is good for the residents of the United States only.

Also be careful when you go to fairs.  Once I signed up for all the "free draws" in a fair, and guess what?  I won almost all them.  What are the odds of that happening?  These "free draws" are usually gimmicks, so be careful. So imagine if you win something for free that you didn't actually even sign up for?  Well, then, you have been a target of spam.


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Potty train your child with a free interactive potty training DVD from huggies.

Just fill out a short request form and your DVD will be on it�s way.

All said and done, the fabulous world of free stuff is just at your fingertips. So go ahead and try one - nothing ventured nothing gained.  And if you can, give a little feed back to the company on their product.  Try and be nice about it.  And feel free to let us know how you feel about any of the products or links on this site.



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